What to plant in January.

What to plant in January.


Hi everyone.  Happy new year! I hope you’re all having a wonderful 2017 so far, and are ready and raring to make it the best year ever.  Seeing as it’s the beginning of the year I’m currently getting my home and garden in order ready for a great big spring clean in March.

One of my favourite things to do in January is to plan what I will be planting for the year ahead.  


What I’m planting in January.


I currently have a greenhouse set up in my allotment which means that I can sow seeds in their now so that they won’t get too cold outside.  If you don’t have a greenhouse you can also grow some of the plantsindoors instead. I bought my used greenhouse online.




I’ve been getting my summer flowers all set up into little plant pots indoors.  This year I will be planting beds of Pansies, Geraniums and Dianthus so I have begun sowing these from seed already.  I’m also planning on planting some sweet peas so have began sowing these.

For something a little bit more exotic I have sown some Bird of Paradise seeds for the first time.  I’m both nervous and excited to see how these turn out but I think they’ll be a great uplift to the cold, blue winter!


Other common flowers to sow in January include Antirrhinum (These require a long growth period before they will flower), Begonias and Laurentia.  Lobelia is another great plant to grow as they look great in hanging baskets, and can really brighten up the front of a house.  


Fruits and Vegetables:

My favourite part of my garden is my fruit and vegetable patch.  I’m a big fan of gardening in general but I don’t think I would’ve fallen in love with gardening if it hadn’t been for growing my own fruits and vegetables.  

Seeing as I’m so excited for summer to come and I’m already missing my light summer salads I’ve started growing various salad leaves and spinach.  These I’ve started off as seeds and have on my windowsill alongside the herbs.  

You can also start sprouting potatoes on your windowsills.

I already have several herbs growing along my windowsill in the kitchen as they stay green all year round, but if you don’t yet then it's a great time to sow seeds and get them started as come summer you will want to use them as much as possible. For herbs I find cutting them using the sharpest knife possible the best idea as it doesn’t harm the plant itself, quite as much.  

If you want to show vegetables then you really need to get these sown and in a heated propagator.  Celeriac and Celery are perfect to sow right now, and will be perfect for show benches.  And if you want to show Onions then start them as soon as possible as they will need time to grow as big as possible.  Some varieties which are great include Bunton’s Showstopper ad Ailsa Craig as they’ll get to be a great size in perfect time.


What I’m planning on planting in February.


Come february one of my big projects will be taking the plants I have sown indoors and depending on the weather, taking them outside to hopefully start.




Start sowing Chrysanthemum seeds in the greenhouse for early blooms.  I like to space them out and grow some in February as well as a smaller batch in March so that they will bloom for longer.


Fruits and Vegetables.

In February is when I truly get my fruit and vegetable growing on. Asparagus Peas can be sown either under cover on in a greenhouse as well as aubergine seeds.  February is also the perfect time to start growing various types of brassicas such as brussels sprouts, cabbages and Cauliflowers, and these also should be grown undercover or in a greenhouse.
Sweet Potatoes are also ready to be sown indoors, but only in a heated greenhouse as they will need plenty of warmth.

dried herbs


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I’m planting in January and February.  What are you planning on sowing and planting this year? If you’ve got any different plants or tips for me please let me know, as I love reading your comments.


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