Stop Wasting Kitchen Food

Hello everyone, welcome back to my home and garden blog. Today I want to talk about my favourite party of any house, the kitchen. These rooms have all the food, and the are what brings everyone together so we can all enjoy a nice meal together. For this of course we need the food, which can sometimes get thrown away if we don’t care for and store it properly. I always feel terrible for throwing away spoilt food(and have given myself food poisoning plenty of times to avoid it), so I found these ways to curb down on my food wastage. 

Have a Visible Meal Plan

The first step in not wasting food happens way before you even see the food. You need to plan meals in advance for the week to ensure you only buy what you need and not what you think you need. I keep a whiteboard on the fridge that works as a meal planners as well as a shopping list. My wife if a bit more digital that I am though, and she does all of here tracking with some handy apps on here phone. Try to leave and empty night or two in your plans, to allow for the reality of having to eat leftovers of getting to eat out. 

Keep Fruit in the Open

Everyone does (or should at least) love fruit. It makes for a great nutritional snack in you don’t eat too much and can make an amazing side dish on some meals. When you put it below that cabbage that you are planning to use next week however it usually goes unnoticed. That is, until you can smell it. A better idea is to store it in a nice fruit bowl, or just a little basket sitting on the counter.

 Kitchen Waste