Being a fan of music and movies and entertainment in general, I’ve always wanted a great set of speakers to go with it. I hate watching a great movie or listening to cool music without having some oomph behind, just doesn’t sounds the same! Friends of mine always had the best sounding speakers, but they did have to pay an arm and a leg for them,and I have never had the best-paid jobs.

Changing Speakers

So recently I have decided to have an upgrade on my speaker system and of course, as I still have a job that doesn’t pay an amazing salary I think the best option for me is to go and look at something second-hand. I am aware with speakers that some models can be easily broken if they are pushed too hard, so I don’t want to buy any that start to fart once I have turned that bass up loud! I’d love a set of Bang & Olufsen but those bad boys are well out of my price range, even second hand. One can dream of course.

I’d got a certain budget in mind but still wanted a very good speaker. Budgets can always be pushed a little bit as well can’t they, haha! The more and more I looked around the Internet, a name kept coming up that I hadn’t heard of before: ATC. A little bit about ATC; they are actually a UK company that is based in Stroud, in Gloucestershire. They are famous and revered by studios and people that make and record music for a living, so they must have a bit about them. ATC actually stands for Acoustic Transducer Company! Fancy name isn’t it?!? Everything is hand built so the attention to detail in the speakers really are second to none. They aren’t cheap, and that is why, because of the quality of parts and the amount of labour that goes into them. They have a range for both the professional and the consumer, and I like it when companies provide those options, because you know they are serious about every type of speaker that they manufacture, be it for the home or the studio.


I had my heart set on a set of ATC SCM11’s, they were first made in 2006 and you can read a full review of the speaker here http://www.whathifi.com/atc/scm-11-2013/review. You can see from the review that for the price, there really is not better speaker out there. I was sold! The speakers are passive, which means they do not have built in amplification, but I already have a pretty good quality amp that my uncle gave to me just a few years ago. He was going deaf so he said he did not want it any more.

My budget had just expanded to the point where I would have to ignore my family for the next two Christmas’, but that is the price you have to pay if you something with as much quality as what the ATC’s have to offer. If bought new then the speakers would have a 6-year warranty! Nearly unheard of and just goes to show the quality of what you are getting. Now as mentioned I wasn’t going to get anything new, and if the speakers were first released back in 2006 then obviously all the warranty would have run out, but that would make the price come down a lot (hopefully). I didn’t mind the thought of buying second-hand with something like this because people who buy these kinds of things and spend the money on these kinds of things generally look after, and most of the time not use them too much.

Finding the Right One

So the next part of this task was to try and find a pair that I could actually afford. At first it seemed impossible, I was trying for a few weeks looking on page after page on the Internet, just waiting for a bargain to appear. After a few weeks of looking I came across a site that lists classified ads from across the UK, and they had a good selection of speakers for sale http://www.for-sale.co.uk/atc-speakers. I managed to find a pair of SCM11s that were from 2008, the guy just wanted a quick sell as he was moving abroad. I’d hit the jackpot basically! He put some music on through his system to show me and they sounded just incredible. Even better than I could have ever imagined. So clear and crisp but with a power that makes them almost raw sounding. A very good speaker indeed!