Ice Crushers

Welcome back peeps, enjoyed the read so far? Well anyway, I’m having fun so here goes my next article. This one’s going to be about ice crushers. I’m talking about ice crushers and I’m in the process of setting up a little home bar area where me and my mates can have a few cocktails and a mixer or two so I wanted to make sure I’d got a good ice crusher to keep the drinks nice and chilled.

I’ve been debating over a couple so here they are. I’d looked at a manual one but they’re hard-work. I remember using one at a party before and the handle ended up falling off by the end of the night.

Zeny Electric Ice Shaver

You can pick up one of these for pretty cheap. It has a solid and heavy base to prevent it tipping. The design looks pretty cool and not tacky plastic as some of the others I’ve seen. It’s apparently really easy to use and also has a built-in shut-off function to prevent nasty accidents. The ice that comes out isn’t too fine tht it melts straightaway so that’s a plus point. According to reviewers, the tray is a little small where the ice collects and the first batch tends to melt as the machine is warm from the motor. Once you’ve done a batch though, that’s no longer a problem. For the money, it seems decent enough.


Ivation IS80 Electric Ice Shaver

This one was the other one I’d been looking at and although it doesn’t maybe look as nice, its more of an all-rounder and costs a similar price. You can use it to make that really fine crushed ice that you use in snow cones or slush-puppies and can add different flavours. I’d imagine you could have a bit of fun with the kids. It also does standard shaved ice so it gives you a few options when making cocktails and other drinks. I really like the sound of this one and I think the intrigue may lead me to buy one. The reviews are generally very positive. It won’t sit as nice on the bar but will bring a fun element to the table.