Hipster your Kitchen

Hey guys and gals, welcome back to Xephon! This is my home and garden blog, and today I wanted to stay in the home and talk about the kitchen. It seems like rustic and not very useful is the style these days, so I am giving my kitchen a little hipster update. How am I doing this you ask? Well, the tiles have been ripped up and replaced with some dark stained wooden boards, as well as having the countertops(that I cleaned so well in my last post) replaced with thick wood that has a rippled copper outlay. Now I am moving onto the smaller things, meaning all the stuff inside the drawers and countertops. Since this is all popular right now it can be quite expensive, but I do most of my shopping on http://www.used.forsale/canada/montreal so I save lots of money.

Vintage Knives

Having old things is cool, and now the cost even more. I replaced all of my knives with some vintage ones that I found online, and luckily I saved a lot of money as I bought them not only vintage, but used from someone who didn’t want them. After contacting the seller of the vintage chef knives I found on http://www.used.forsale/canada/montreal/vintage-chef-knife I met him in his grass van outside an eco cafe and saw that he had a full set I could buy, and even had the block for it. These are now sitting beside my vintage gas oven, and the knives add a sense of class and ‘I don’t cook that much’ to the room.


Vintage Kitchen Knife

Oyster Opener

I don’t have to cook in the kitchen much, because I just have a lot of oysters on the barbeque! You know that I love my knives, and because of that I would never use one (especially my recently purchased vintage knives) to open an oyster. So not only does my used Oyster Opener that I bought on http://www.used.forsale/canada/f/oyster-opener?pos=T1X-0L3&dis=150 have a purpose, but it looks fancy on the side. Yes, I have separate tools for shellfish. Do you not?

Oyster Opener 

Small Butter Churn

I found this little goody over on https://www.uncommongoods.com/kitchen-bar/kitchen-tools/kitchen-utensils and even thought I don’t plan on using it, this is a useful kitchen item. Every Time the kids get too angry they have to churn some butter. So far we have only gotten about 100 grams of butter, but that means that the kids are either not staying angry for as long or they are not getting angry. Either way I think we are winning.

small butter churn 

What do you guys think of my new kitchen additions? My favourite is the butter churn, but that is because I had tons of memories of my grandmother making it at the farm. Let me know in the comment sections below everyone, and I hope you all have an amazing day.