Display Fridge for my Bar

Remember last time I was talking about buying an ice crusher? Well I ended up settling for the Ivation IS80. It’s definitely good fun as I thought it would be and is easily worth the cheap price tag. I’ve spent the last week or two adding other gadgets to the bar. There’s a nice cocktail mixer set I bought that’s got everything you need to make some mean cocktails. I bought one of those electric wine bottle openers which is well cool and have stocked up on different types of glasses so I can serve the drinks how they’re meant to be served. Got wine glasses, whisky glasses, long glasses, shot glasses and martini glasses along with a few quirky cocktail glasses. I’ve got a mini dumpy style freezer that my auntie and uncle gave me so that’s perfect to store my ice cubes in. I’ve also bought frozen berries to go in some of the cocktails so having a standalone freezer will prove handy.

The main thing that I need now is a fridge. I’ve got one of those miniscule mini-fridges at the moment but you can hardly get anything in it, maybe about 4 cans of beer if you’re lucky. I want something bigger that’s for sure and I want something where I can display the drinks so people can see what I’ve got in stock. My aunt and uncle had a fridge as well that they were throwing out but it’s just a standard style fridge you’d see in any regular kitchen and although it would have been going free, I decided to get something a little fancier. I should have enough cash by the end of the month so I’m going to spend the next week or so checking out some display fridges.

What I’ve found so far

The first place I really looked was John Lewis as they’ve often been my go to place for brand new electronics. I was keen to see what was out there on today’s market. There’s a beautiful wine cabinet triple fridge-freezer that looks absolutely amazing but at nearly 4 grand, that’s way over my budget. I’ve added a picture so you can see what I’m talking about. It would look out of place in my little home bar and I truthfully have no need for it.


For under a few hundred you can buy a nice looking narrow wine cabinet but again, it’s not really what I’m after. I need something that’s big enough to hold a multitude of drinks, not just wine. It does look pretty mint though.

Getting a bit closer to what I’m after, there’s a LEC beer fridge that looks alright for under 200 and it holds the equivalent of around 48 regular cans of beer. There’s different shelves in there that you can use for things like wine or pop bottles. It doesn’t sound like it goes down cold enough though and reviews suggest there’s inconsistent temperatures throughout the fridge. It’s cheap and cheerful but I think I’d rather get something a bit more, sturdy.


I checked out for-sale.co.uk display fridge for sale and came across some good bargains. They have everything from Deli style display fridges to tall drinks cabinets like you’d see in the local newsagents. I can get a tall, double-doored, Coca-Cola fridge for less than 300 smackers. It’s used but in perfectly good condition. If I want to go double that then there is a nice Polaris one on there too. That one’s shorter and you’d have it on a table top but it’s a little wider. You’d get the right amount of space with that one and it would take up far less room. The build quality seems a lot better too and there’s smart temperature control, double glazed doors and several other extra features. I’ve been told they are a reliable fridge maker so it’s about deciding whether I want to spend that extra money. The Polaris is apparently brand new so that too makes a difference when trying to decide on which one to buy.

I’m going to keep on looking around as there may be something else that’s in the middle of those two prices. I’m very tempted to go for the Polaris though. Would just mean I have to cut down on my treats between now and the end of the month. I’ll let you know how I get on. By all means, let me know what you think too as there’s going to be a bit of time yet before I buy anything.