Cleaning your Countertops

The kitchen is commonly known as the centre of the house.  The room where everyone gravitates towards, at a party, during the day and often late at night whilst looking for midnight snacks. It is also the room which harbours the most dirt and bacteria, and can quickly turn into a cesspool of grime.  And depending on the kitchen countertops you have it can be a nightmare to clean and maintain an attractive appearance.  Here are my tips and tricks for wooden or steel countertops.


Wooden surfaces

Over the past decade wooden surfaces, or butcher block countertops, have re-become fashionable.  And whilst they are great functionally and attractive to look at they are a nightmare to clean.  From constant oiling, to the ease of stains it can seem a never ending battle to keep your countertop looking as beautiful as the day it was put in.


To clean your wooden countertop make sure to remove all food residue from the surface.  Use a spatula to gently remove the dried on food. Next using hot water and mild dish soap scrub the counter.  Rinse with hot water, before spraying with vinegar to sanitise. End with a thorough dry and your counter is ready for use the next day.


Stainless Steel

Another fashionable new material for use in the kitchen, industrial grade stainless steel has been used in kitchens and work areas for decades. Cheap and fairly easy to clean, stainless steel is a great countertop option. Watch out though the fingerprint marks might prove too much for those of us with OCD tendencies.

Stainless Steel

To clean your stainless steel countertops you will need to wipe down the counters using a damp, warm cloth and mild dish soap.  For a thorough cleaning use baking soda and a little bit of vinegar and scrub gently.  Use a microfibre cloth to dry carefully and prevent streaking. For a polish use either mineral oil or olive oil and paper towel and buff away!