Display Fridge for my Bar

11/02/2016 Main

Remember last time I was talking about buying an ice crusher? Well I ended up settling for the Ivation IS80. It’s definitely good fun as I thought it would be and is easily worth the cheap price tag. I’ve spent the last week or two adding other gadgets to the bar. There’s a nice cocktail mixer set I bought that’s got everything you need to make some mean cocktails. I bought one of those electric wine bottle openers which is well cool and have stocked up on different types of glasses so I can serve the drinks how they’re meant to be served. Got wine glasses, whisky glasses, long glasses, shot glasses and martini glasses along with a few quirky cocktail glasses. I’ve got a mini dumpy style freezer that my auntie and uncle gave me so that’s perfect to store my ice cubes in. I’ve also bought frozen berries to go in some of the cocktails so having a standalone freezer will prove handy. Read more

Ice Crushers

01/02/2016 Main

Welcome back peeps, enjoyed the read so far? Well anyway, I’m having fun so here goes my next article. This one’s going to be about ice crushers. I’m talking about ice crushers and I’m in the process of setting up a little home bar area where me and my mates can have a few cocktails and a mixer or two so I wanted to make sure I’d got a good ice crusher to keep the drinks nice and chilled. Read more


25/01/2016 Main

Being a fan of music and movies and entertainment in general, I’ve always wanted a great set of speakers to go with it. I hate watching a great movie or listening to cool music without having some oomph behind, just doesn’t sounds the same! Friends of mine always had the best sounding speakers, but they did have to pay an arm and a leg for them,and I have never had the best-paid jobs. Read more

A few more Gadgets I’d like to Own

15/01/2016 Main

Gadgets I Want!

10/01/2016 Main

Man there’s always gadgets coming out that blaze my mind, I’m always keeping an eye on the news for what’s new. Here’s a few of my favourite gadgets that are coming this year and that hopefully I’ll get chance to try out at some point Read more

Tech Blog

03/01/2016 Main

Come on in for a Technology fest. I’ll be discussing all my favourite technology, electronics, gadgets and all the shebang that comes with it so get involved and let me know any cool tech stories you’ve come across. Will be back in a little bit with the first of my entries so don’t go too far from your screen. Read more