Cleaning your Countertops

18/04/2017 Main

The kitchen is commonly known as the centre of the house.  The room where everyone gravitates towards, at a party, during the day and often late at night whilst looking for midnight snacks. It is also the room which harbours the most dirt and bacteria, and can quickly turn into a cesspool of grime.  And depending on the kitchen countertops you have it can be a nightmare to clean and maintain an attractive appearance.  Here are my tips and tricks for wooden or steel countertops. Read more

Kitchen Gadgets As Seen On TV

13/04/2017 Main

Hello everyone, welcome to another exciting post on my home and garden blog, Xephon. I am super excited to have all of you lovely readers joining me today as I have what I think is a very interesting post for you. Over the past couple months, I have been scouring garage sales and online for sale ads to find kitchen gadgets and appliances that were first shown on TV. I ended up with a box full of them thanks to a lovely lady on www.used.forsale that sold me the whole box of them! I put them all on the counter and tried them out one by one so that I could pick the best one for you to buy if you are looking to get some kitchen gadgets or appliances off of the television. Read more

Why banana peel can save your roses

01/02/2017 Main
Why banana peel can save your roses

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Chocolate avocado brownies

13/01/2017 Main

Hey everyone.  With it being just after the Christmas and New Year period I’m feeling pretty chubby after eating my body weight in Turkey sandwiches and Chocolate truffles.  However, I’m still loving all the carb heavy meals and cosy warm meals, so I wanted to share with you all one of my favourite healthier recipes for when you’re trying to be healthier but still in dire need of a chocolate fix. Read more

What to plant in January.

01/01/2017 Main
What to plant in January.

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Putting a swimming pool on your property

05/12/2016 Main
Putting a swimming pool on your property

Summer days, BBQs, cocktails and wouldn’t it be great to get a pool installed for fun for all family and guests? This would be a great addition to anyone’s backyard but particularly those with family, and of course live a warmer climate. Not only is building a pool great for relaxation, parties and so on, it adds a great amount of value to your property as obviously houses with pools are very desirable. Read more

You and Your Knife

24/11/2016 Main
Keeping Sharp: You and Your Knife

Good day folks, I would like to give you all a warm welcome back to my home and garden blog. Today we are going to be having yet another home post, curtusy of all the people selling their knives online at http://www.for-sale.com/ that just need a goog sharpening. I picked up a couple of pretty fancy knives last week online, some that are worth a pretty penny. The biggest issue seemed to be that people would get knives somehow but they wouldn't know how to properly use them. This would be chef knives sometimes or even just a small paring knife. Knives are something everyone has and needs as they are essential in cooking, but a lot of people do not ever receive proper training on how to use car for and store a good knife. If you are one of those people, stop looking so embarrassed because after reading this people will want you to come cook for them just to have sharp knives afterwards. Read more

Pumpkin Cookies

23/11/2016 Main
Pumpkin cookies

Hi all, I hope you’re all very well and excited about thanksgiving, I know I am.  If you’re a regular reader of my home and garden blog then you will know that my favourite room in my house is my kitchen.  I recently bought a Kenwood K-Mix and have been baking so much that my whole house smells like pumpkin cookies.   Read more

Blender Mixer

15/11/2016 Main
Blender Mixer

Hi guys, so welcome back. Today I’m going to talk about the wonder of my Blender Mixer. As you know, I love cooking simple things and life is made so much easier with a blender mixer. Now depending on what you’re making, will depend on which one is best for the job, but by far and away, the easiest and most practical is the hand blender. I picked up my blender mixer second hand online, so it doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy. Read more

Compost Tumbler

18/10/2016 Main

Compost Tumbler Read more